Author: Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Fait accompli

The very fact of something taking effect makes people more likely to accept it, new research indicates. Right after a ban on selling plastic water bottles took effect in San Francisco, residents reported more positive attitudes towards the ban than when they were asked right before it took effect. When interviewed right after a ban on smoking in certain areas took effect in Ontario, smokers reported having smoked less in those areas in the past — as compared with smokers who were asked right before the ban took effect. Likewise, Americans reported more support for President Trump right after...

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Clemson research challenges assumptions on consumer behavior

Challenging conventional wisdom is often met with resistance, but it can open minds to a different way of viewing long-held beliefs. Andy Poehlman, assistant professor of marketing at Clemson University, has done just that in recently published research on consciousness and its role in consumer behavior. In fact, interest in his research prompted the highly regarded Journal of Consumer Research to devote much of its August 2017 issue to the topic. Les mer...

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Landlords Woo Startups With Built-In Clubs and Office Beers

To fill vacancies, Blackstone Group LP, the biggest U.S. office owner, is going after startups and their armies of twentysomething workers. In Flaherty’s building, 100 Summer Street, Blackstone has installed a private club on the second floor open to employees of companies in the building, with beer and wine taps, a gym with private showers, arcade games, foosball, and baristas who finish off cappuccinos with foam artwork. It even has a startup-style name, Assemblyon2. Les mer...

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